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RED January Week 1

Miles run: 18 Have I run at least one mile a day? Yes Was I always in a better mood afterwards?  Yes (disputed by boyfriend) Did I wave/say hello/thumbs up people? Sometimes. It turns out not many people venture out in the dark in -1 degree temperatures. However, those brave souls I have come acrossContinue reading “RED January Week 1”


Strive Goes Live

I would love to say that I have been busy learning how to speak Japanese and bake bread sticks during lock down but in reality have been drinking too much and enjoying rubbish on Netflix (Tiger King and Selling Sunset are highlights of my binge watching). I salute anyone that has managed to be remotelyContinue reading “Strive Goes Live”

A Completely Unbiased* review of day one of the Strive Core Challenge

* Ok so this is not completely unbiased… I know Dani (founder of Strive outdoor boot camp) through LRG. For those of you who don’t know who she is, Dani is the queen of running. She is the founder, inspirational leader, and driving force behind the best running club in the world. A running clubContinue reading “A Completely Unbiased* review of day one of the Strive Core Challenge”

Zoom Interval Session

Taking Zoom meetings up a level Think you’ve mastered zoom meetings since lock down? Have you finally nailed the art of “smart causal” (shirt on top, pyjamas on the bottom)? Have you started to remember to mute your mic before shouting at the other half during a meeting?  Have you finally realized that if youContinue reading “Zoom Interval Session”

Dear Creators of Impossibly Hard YouTube Workouts

Dear Creators of Impossibly Hard YouTube Workouts Having become a connoisseur of YouTube videos since social isolation I would like to take the opportunity to give some feedback. Some of your modifications are, in fact, still incredibly hard. The fact the person in the video thinks they are easy is not a reflection of howContinue reading “Dear Creators of Impossibly Hard YouTube Workouts”

YouTube Latin Dance Workout

Never again. Imagine going to a Zumba class but no one teaches you the moves. If you think wow, that sounds like fun, then read on.. This workout is essentially four gorgeous women who can dance really well shouting helpful things such as “ shake your hips like your at carnival”. Having never been toContinue reading “YouTube Latin Dance Workout”

April Challenge update – Netflix and Press ups

Keeva set my challenge as 15 press ups. I thought this was doomed to fail, however, I can now almost do 15 press ups. Now, I’m not saying I have mastered press ups, or the 12 I can do are in anyway impressive.  I’m still now where near the floor and my arms feel asContinue reading “April Challenge update – Netflix and Press ups”

Running without Keeva

Keeva has been temporarily replaced… Now I am unable to run with my normal running buddies, I have recruited my very reluctant boyfriend to run with me. This has produced some mixed results. It has been made very clear to me, on all three 5km’s we have done, that he does not like running. I’veContinue reading “Running without Keeva”