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RED Jan 2021

Here we go again …

RED Day one

Inspired by the One Mile Happy walk I did during last years RED January (see video) this January I decide to commit to running at least one mile a day. A one mile happy run if you will.

These are the rules I set for my self:

  1. Run at least one mile a day in January
  2. I must commit to being in a better mood after running than before
  3. Say hello/wave/thumbs up (no high fives we are in a pandemic) to at least one other person you see out

Day one was already off to a rocky start. To avoid the rain, I ran in the dark. Devoid of all route inspiration and not really wanting to go outside, I ran half a mile in one direction and then back.

Also,  I have already started re thinking rule no 3.  Shouting hello to strangers in the dark apparently causes alarm. Particularly if you approach from behind…  I look forward to reading complaints on the village Facebook page, “beware hooligan runners shouting hello too loudly near co op”  

Obviously, this years RED Jan escapades will be considerably less exciting than last year’s attempt, but I thought I would blog about it any way.  Lets face it I’ve got nothing better to do


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