Zoom Interval Session

Taking Zoom meetings up a level

Think you’ve mastered zoom meetings since lock down? Have you finally nailed the art of “smart causal” (shirt on top, pyjamas on the bottom)? Have you started to remember to mute your mic before shouting at the other half during a meeting?  Have you finally realized that if you keep the video off no one no will know if you are making notes or making a sandwich?

Well my friends, step it up a level and try Zoom intervals. Yes, Zoom intervals.

At the start of April, I signed up for a Strava plan to improve speed and have happily ignored the emailed workouts every day since. So I thought being shouted at via video link might encourage me to actually complete an interval session.

The zoom session was provided by coaches from C&C running club. The format was as follows: warm up, warm up jog (10mins), 3 x 3 min reps, 3 x 2 min reps and 3 x 1 min reps with speed intensity gradually increasing and rest time decreasing. There was also a cool down jog and stretching. The coaches gave count downs towards the end of each rep, which stopped me clock watching, and provided helpful tips throughout on running form and how each rep should feel effort wise.

I must confess I know people who go to C&C and I have never braved it due to the fact the phrase “track session” still brings me out in a cold sweat . However, I can confirm Richard and Sarah are both lovely and not at all like my upper school PE teachers. 

As zoom sessions go, this was one of the more intense sessions I have had this week. It was hard work physically, but it was certainly more fun than a 224 slide PowerPoint presentation (to be fair most things are). Also, unlike other zoom meetings, there was no danger of me accidentally revealing that I’ve got my Christmas pyjama bottoms on.

Find the link to the C&C website here: https://www.cambridgeandcoleridge.org.uk/

If you would like any information on how to connect to the next zoom the link has been posted on the LRG Facebook page or just ask 😊

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