Running without Keeva

Keeva has been temporarily replaced…

Now I am unable to run with my normal running buddies, I have recruited my very reluctant boyfriend to run with me. This has produced some mixed results. It has been made very clear to me, on all three 5km’s we have done, that he does not like running.

I’ve tried chitchat, and just randomly pointing at things to distract him. For example, “oh look you can see Trumpington” and “isn’t that a lovely tree”. I have also tried deeper philosophical questions about life and the universe. Nothing works.

We have now reached a compromise; he will continue to run with me on the condition he can take headphones.

Not sure if I’m offended, he doesn’t want to talk to me or relieved I don’t have to listen to the monologue on how terrible running is.

Here are some photos we took on our most recent 5km (just to be clear we stopped purely for the photos, not because he couldn’t handle the pace….)

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