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A Completely Unbiased* review of day one of the Strive Core Challenge

* Ok so this is not completely unbiased… I know Dani (founder of Strive outdoor boot camp) through LRG. For those of you who don’t know who she is, Dani is the queen of running. She is the founder, inspirational leader, and driving force behind the best running club in the world. A running club that I have no doubt, will one day achieve world domination – Lets Run Girls.  (We are not a cult I promise)

Like I said, not completely unbiased.    

However, this will be a honest account of how this goes over the month of May. The good bits and the struggles. I will not fib or gloss over anything, as my nose doesn’t need to get any bigger.

Now on to the review…

It was well documented during Red January that I have no core strength. I have recently been working on this by attempting leg raises on a pull up bar. This is sort of working. On the days I remember to do it. So in order to speed up the process of getting rock hard abs, I signed up for the Strive core challenge. Despite already having incredible core strength (did you see her T shirt challenge?!?), Keeva has also signed up. So, completing this everyday will be our May challenge.

Upon receiving my daily instruction email from Strive, I immediately noticed I had no idea what a fire hydrant was.  However the exercises are helpfully demonstrated on YouTube so I was able to watch and understand how to correctly do the workout. Alas the fire hydrant did not involve any attractive firemen.

Thankfully unlike, other YouTube exercise videos, the modifications Dani provides are doable. Now,  I can’t say that I looked quite as calm as Dani whilst doing the workout, there was a touch more swearing, but I made it through three repeats. There was only one instance of toppling backwards during the side planks.

Still smiling afterwards

I am both excited and dreading the rest of the months challenges.  

Today’s workout was : 10 side planks, 20 bicycle abs, 10 Fire hydrants x 3. Here is the YouTube guidance:

Here is the link to Strive bootcamp website:

Here is LRG website :


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