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Rebecca on Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks PE Class Given all the recent hype around Joe Wick’s PE workouts, I thought I’d give one a try. After all, they’re for kids, so they should be easy right?? Turns out, wrong. It was actually surprisingly tough. Half an hour later and I actually felt like I’d had a really good workoutContinue reading “Rebecca on Joe Wicks”


April Challenge Keeva! Week1

If you haven’t already read it, see our April challenge post where we set each other a task for the month! Challenge Keeva! Press forearmstandSo this may seem like a bit of a random challenge, but headstands are one of those things that have haunted me since I was an ‘aspiring’ child gymnast, obviously theContinue reading “April Challenge Keeva! Week1”

(Attempt at) Weighted Belt Workout*

This is a weight belt. Looks more like a SWAT vest to me. It’s 15kg. If you think that’s “not that heavy” have you tried wearing one? As instructed, I put it on and lay on the ground. My boyfriend then said “now do a Turkish Get Up.” As if that would be something IContinue reading “(Attempt at) Weighted Belt Workout*”

Cambridge half marathon 2020

We might have mentioned it in January, today we did it! Cambridge half 2020 ✅ January was a busy month with lots of different activities, February was about getting the miles in (post skiing!) before the half. It was tough going this year, we both weren’t feeling on form in the lead up, but itContinue reading “Cambridge half marathon 2020”

Conquering a fear of dance based exercise

Ruby’s day 35? of REDJan As I ran out of time to do Pumpfit in January I decided I should still give it a go. I watched Facebook videos first and almost scared myself out of going. The class didn’t look unmanageable, but the ability required to move to the beat put me off.  AsContinue reading “Conquering a fear of dance based exercise”