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Dear Creators of Impossibly Hard YouTube Workouts

Dear Creators of Impossibly Hard YouTube Workouts

Having become a connoisseur of YouTube videos since social isolation I would like to take the opportunity to give some feedback.

  1. Some of your modifications are, in fact, still incredibly hard. The fact the person in the video thinks they are easy is not a reflection of how the rest of us feel. Furthermore, shouting “you got this” does not in fact mean we have got it in anyway.
  2. Please use language we can understand. I don’t know now, nor will I never know how to “magnetize my hips”.
  3. Not all of us have access to a dance studio. Please be aware we must dodge sofas, tables, pets and other humans, when you are planning the workouts.
  4. Whilst I applaud anyone who can be bothered to wear make up and blow dry their hair to exercise, not all humans who exercise look like the ones in your videos. Fit healthy people come in all shapes and sizes, and are often wearing pyjamas to workout at home. It would be great to see this reflected in your content going forward.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the above points. If you need anyone to be your token pyjama person I have recently become available pretty much all the time.  

Kind regards



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