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RED January Week 1

Miles run: 18 Have I run at least one mile a day? Yes Was I always in a better mood afterwards?  Yes (disputed by boyfriend) Did I wave/say hello/thumbs up people? Sometimes. It turns out not many people venture out in the dark in -1 degree temperatures. However, those brave souls I have come acrossContinue reading “RED January Week 1”


Strive Goes Live

I would love to say that I have been busy learning how to speak Japanese and bake bread sticks during lock down but in reality have been drinking too much and enjoying rubbish on Netflix (Tiger King and Selling Sunset are highlights of my binge watching). I salute anyone that has managed to be remotelyContinue reading “Strive Goes Live”

A Completely Unbiased* review of day one of the Strive Core Challenge

* Ok so this is not completely unbiased… I know Dani (founder of Strive outdoor boot camp) through LRG. For those of you who don’t know who she is, Dani is the queen of running. She is the founder, inspirational leader, and driving force behind the best running club in the world. A running clubContinue reading “A Completely Unbiased* review of day one of the Strive Core Challenge”

Zoom Interval Session

Taking Zoom meetings up a level Think you’ve mastered zoom meetings since lock down? Have you finally nailed the art of “smart causal” (shirt on top, pyjamas on the bottom)? Have you started to remember to mute your mic before shouting at the other half during a meeting?  Have you finally realized that if youContinue reading “Zoom Interval Session”

(Attempt at) Weighted Belt Workout*

This is a weight belt. Looks more like a SWAT vest to me. It’s 15kg. If you think that’s “not that heavy” have you tried wearing one? As instructed, I put it on and lay on the ground. My boyfriend then said “now do a Turkish Get Up.” As if that would be something IContinue reading “(Attempt at) Weighted Belt Workout*”

Conquering a fear of dance based exercise

Ruby’s day 35? of REDJan As I ran out of time to do Pumpfit in January I decided I should still give it a go. I watched Facebook videos first and almost scared myself out of going. The class didn’t look unmanageable, but the ability required to move to the beat put me off.  AsContinue reading “Conquering a fear of dance based exercise”

The Big Finale – Seated Exercises for Seniors

Ruby’s Day 31 I Wish I could have finished REDJan with a bang. Run a half marathon, go sky diving, or some other incredibly impressive activity. But I’ve had a long week , I ran ten miles yesterday, and I’m very tired.  I finished my REDJanuary with seated exercises for seniors. If you want toContinue reading “The Big Finale – Seated Exercises for Seniors”