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Strive Goes Live

I would love to say that I have been busy learning how to speak Japanese and bake bread sticks during lock down but in reality have been drinking too much and enjoying rubbish on Netflix (Tiger King and Selling Sunset are highlights of my binge watching). I salute anyone that has managed to be remotely productive.

So when Strive outdoor bootcamp posted about a free Facebook live Saturday morning class I thought I should probably do it.

I sprung out of bed an hour early so I could get in a morning protein shake and do a few sun salutations before the class, remembering to have a moment for mindfulness and focus on my objectives for the day….

Just kidding. I rolled out of bed at approximately 8.25am and shovelled down half a banana before deciding that wasn’t a good idea, ready for the 8.30am start.

Apart from the fact my flat is the same temperature as a sauna I really enjoyed the class. Thankfully no one can see you in virtual classes so if you look like you’ve showered with clothes on no one will ever know.

I wasn’t sure how a Facebook live event would work but doing the class in real time and having Dani able to read the comments and answer questions made it feel like you weren’t the only one participating.

The class was 3 rounds of different exercises. The rounds consisted of 3 exercises for 60 seconds with short brakes followed by 45 seconds of each exercise with no brake. It lasted  30 minutes which was enough for me at 8.30am.  Dani provides modifications and has a lovely soothing voice that keeps you going when you are ready to give up. Also she wears nice leggings.

I would recommend this class as a genuinely accessible class for all fitness levels.

Keep an eye on the Facebook page to keep up to date on Strive events :


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