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YouTube Latin Dance Workout

Never again.

Imagine going to a Zumba class but no one teaches you the moves. If you think wow, that sounds like fun, then read on..

This workout is essentially four gorgeous women who can dance really well shouting helpful things such as “ shake your hips like your at carnival”. Having never been to Rio carnival I can only imagine how wrong I was getting this.

However, the workout does offer helpful modifications that appear at the bottom of the screen if you can’t do some of the moves. My favourite example of one of these was “don’t do the splits”.

If you plan on doing this workout, remove all mirrors (so you can’t see yourself) and shut the curtains (so the neighbours can’t see you). Also, if you have time, maybe learn to Latin dance first.

I’m not sure why I chose to do this. It seemed like a fun idea at the time. There are just no words to describe how terribly this went. There is a video though…

Safe to say Strictly won’t be calling anytime soon. Here is the actual work out …


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