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The Big Finale – Seated Exercises for Seniors

Ruby’s Day 31

I Wish I could have finished REDJan with a bang. Run a half marathon, go sky diving, or some other incredibly impressive activity. But I’ve had a long week , I ran ten miles yesterday, and I’m very tired. 

I finished my REDJanuary with seated exercises for seniors. If you want to improve your posture, it is actually a pretty good video. Might have to start doing it at the office ..  

REDJanuary has been a blast. I’m going to attempt to keep trying new things but maybe cut down to one new activity a week. Otherwise I may not pass my MBA.  

Despite being tired, I’m slightly sad that REDJanuary is over. Thank you to everyone who has donated 🙂 and for all the moral support we have received over the month! Also thanks Keeva for doing this with me, there is no way I could have organised myself to do all the activities without you 🙂


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