Bao Buns, Booze, and Bright lights

Ruby’s Day 30/31

Social runs combine two things I enjoy; running and alcohol (not at the same time).

Let’s be honest, me drinking alone is just a bit sad. And running is definitely better with company. Thus, the Social Run was born. 

If you haven’t been before – why not? 

We go for 5km (at whatever pace you like) and finish at The Plough where we celebrate how fantastic we are for running a 5km. There is food, booze and great company. Last nights food van was some delicious Bao buns from Guerilla Kitchen. 

Make sure you are at the next one 🙂 Or if you don’t live locally start your own ….

Smells like Tignes spirit

Keeva day 30/31

What a day!!! Apparently the best of the season, this is what ski holidays are made of! Fresh powder and sun, couldn’t ask for more.

Amazing morning playing in the fresh powder!

Not all of the resort was open but we made a good job of covering the parts that were. The morning was off piste powder runs, the afternoon jumping on & off piste …with a few moguls thrown in.

Stunning scenery & fresh powder tracks

And of course, the perfect lunch stop with a view! …and a vin chaud 😉

1 Mile Happy Walk

Ruby’s Day 29/31

Day: 29 

Mood: Dejected 

I feel like I have failed REDJanuary this week. Tuesday I got home from work too late to go to Pumpfit and today I got lost trying to find HIIT class (It was 2.5 miles from my house) and subsequently missed the class. 

Whilst I have still managed to do something,( for yesterdays Flamenco) It wasn’t the exciting week I had planned. 

Not one to give up, I decided to build on the week’s theme of unusual Youtube workouts. I came across 1 Mile Happy Walk…

It was a bit odd. But it was a productive use of 15 minutes whilst I waited for the washing machine to finish.

Let it snow…

Keeva day 29/31

And snow, and snow. Day 2 of snow day, but a few more lifts and runs open this time. For a bit of variety we drive to another village that has a better range of slopes open.

Let it snow!

Excitedly we took the Funival from La Daille, stepped out at Bellevarde at the top, and half of us stepped back in! At this stage I’m happy to say I’m a fair weather skier, blizzard conditions with 50mph winds, 2 cm vision and pistes somewhere out there… not for me! Retreat!!

The view at the bottom!

So we went for the alternative up the bubble lift where we could at least see our feet! and had a great day trying out the different runs down.

One lift up, lots of ways down!

Hello Flamenco

Ruby’s Day 28/31

Colleague: Do anything good last night? 

Me: Not really, read about investment appraisal techniques for an hour then did some Flamenco dancing.  

Colleague: Sorry, what ? 

I wish I could say this was the weirdest thing I’ve done this month.. But the baby Shark Abbs workout takes some beating. 

Here is the video for those of you wishing to Flamenco your way fit. Oh, and it helps if you can speak Spanish …

What a blast!

Keeva day 28/31

It was a rude awakening at 6.30 am as the bed vibrated from the explosions above…. controlled avalanches to clear the snow that had fallen overnight.

Sleeping under the mountain 😁
A little different this morning!

By 9.30 am when the first lift was due to start we were huddled around the Tignes app waiting for updates on which lifts and slopes would be open. Looking at the snow outside and the winds gusting, we weren’t convinced any slope time would happen.

Yellow marks the spot …the only parts of the slopes open, and of course not connected to each other!

Eventually a few of the lifts started moving, generally one lift, one ski run. So only one thing for it! Pick an open slope and play in the soft fluffy powdery snow! You can get a good few hours out of a single slope in conditions like this as every run down feels different as more people have gone down and pushed the snow from side to side, creating compact areas, bumpy areas, soft snow areas, it’s constantly changing.

Eventually all good things must come to an end… to allow for more good things to start! As the weather closed in and visibility reduced to a few feet we sought refuge with crepes & vin chaud!

LRG Trumpington

Ruby’s Day 27/31

Less than half of the group got lost this evening on our steady 5km run. Not a bad statistic. 

One of the benefits of running with LRG’s Trumpington is the added fun of potentially getting lost within a 3 mile radius from where we set off.  

We frequently set off together, end up at the same place, and yet have a range of different maps on strava. The important part is no one runs alone, and no one is left behind. Even if we get muddled in the middle 🙂 

Thanks for always sticking with us ladies even when it doesn’t quite go to plan 🙂 

Grand Motte

Keeva day 27/31

If yesterday was all about the distance, today was all about the height, all 3,656 meters! Nearly 1000 meters up through the mountain in the Funiculaire Du Perce-Neige followed by another 500 meters by cable car over the Grand Motte glacier to this amazing view!

The run back down the ~1500 meters was pretty stunning too, so much so we did it again!

And when you’ve worked up an appetite it’s all about the potatoes! And a little vin chaud to warm you up!


Ruby’s Day 26/31

I don’t normally volunteer to go to classes. Copying an Instructor without falling over or crashing into someone is difficult. Add in some music and weights and there is potential for disaster. 

I was slightly concerned by the amount of equipment people were gathering when I arrived. Despite doing red January I don’t seem to have gained any strength so the prospect of using the weights didn’t fill me with joy. 

Thankfully I had Rebecca with me to tell me which weights to use at each stage and give me a quick run through of the moves before the class started. I would have been fairly lost without her. 

The class involves a sequence of different exercises to music with various weights. I managed to just about keep up with most of the moves but there isn’t a lot of down time to work out which weights you need, or if you need the step, or the bar, or the mat…. 

Even though it combined things I don’t like; exercise classes and weights, I did enjoy myself.  I made it through the class without hurting anyone. I’d call that a success.

I feel the need, the need for speed!

Keeva day 26/31

And speed it was! First full day on the slopes and we made the most of it. The weather temporarily threatened our epic adventure from one end of Espace Killy to the other, but the sun fought hard and blue skies prevailed just in time for our final ascent.

The return journey definitely tested our skills as the weather closed in and the ground and sky were hard to differentiate, but we persevered to the all important vin chaud stop at the end of the day 😉

Ski conversation can vary greatly, but when topical conversation results in discovering one member of the group has never seen Top Gun there is only one end to the evening…

I feel the need….

I don’t know if I was to young to appreciate beyond the cheese before or it was the fabulous company tonight, but that movie was hilarious!

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