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What a blast!

Keeva day 28/31

It was a rude awakening at 6.30 am as the bed vibrated from the explosions above…. controlled avalanches to clear the snow that had fallen overnight.

Sleeping under the mountain 😁
A little different this morning!

By 9.30 am when the first lift was due to start we were huddled around the Tignes app waiting for updates on which lifts and slopes would be open. Looking at the snow outside and the winds gusting, we weren’t convinced any slope time would happen.

Yellow marks the spot …the only parts of the slopes open, and of course not connected to each other!

Eventually a few of the lifts started moving, generally one lift, one ski run. So only one thing for it! Pick an open slope and play in the soft fluffy powdery snow! You can get a good few hours out of a single slope in conditions like this as every run down feels different as more people have gone down and pushed the snow from side to side, creating compact areas, bumpy areas, soft snow areas, it’s constantly changing.

Eventually all good things must come to an end… to allow for more good things to start! As the weather closed in and visibility reduced to a few feet we sought refuge with crepes & vin chaud!


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