When I was in primary school I did a different activity nearly everyday of the week, I lost interest in my teens, dabbled in my twenties …joining gyms, going for a month & paying membership for another six before cancelling. My early thirties weren’t much better, but my pre-forties aren’t shaping up too badly! 

A few years ago after some ‘inspiring’ words from my husband (she said with a strong sarcastic undertone) gave me the boot in the b-hind I needed, I signed up for an eight week bootcamp. And now? well, two years later my little legs that had barely ran the length of them before are carrying me round half marathon courses in thirty degree heat in Mallorca! No, I haven’t suddenly become the next Paula Radcliffe (not by many many minutes per mile!!) but at thirty eight I am the healthiest I have been in my life, I am totally jumping on the ‘girls trips are good for your mental health’ bandwagon and I am loving it! 

From a six a.m. exercise class, to a lunch time rugby session, a weekend hiking Snowden or a week on skis, I’ve found my happy place with some great people. I love variety in my activities so when I read about RedJanuary I decided it was the perfect opportunity to challenge myself to try some new things. And when Ruby decided to be part of Lets Get Moving Cambridge RedJanuary bloggers, we decided what better than to do it together!

About Us

This is the first post on our Red31 blog specially for REDJanuary 2020!

We decided to take on the redjanuary challenge to keep active every day in January. In the spirit of ‘Active together for mental health’ we are going to check out how we, our friends & family stay active, trying out some new activities and some we haven’t done since we were kids!

For each activity we’re going to write a blog post & hope you’ll all enjoy following our journey …maybe give redjanuary a try yourselves!

Ruby & Keeva xo

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.


My name is Ruby and I am doing REdJanury in association with mind.  

Throughout January I will try as many different activities as I can and will blog about it here and for the lovely folks at Lets Get moving Cambridge. For inspiration I looked at other sports blogs. I saw lots of pictures of smiling people in sports bras. This will not be that kind of blog. Anyone who has seen me run with a hangover on Saturday mornings can tell you it’s more incoherent mumbling and shuffling than bouncing and smiling!

One of the reasons I signed up for RED January is I work and study at the same time which can be quite stressful. To distract myself from the impending doom of assignments it seemed a fitting challenge to sign up and raise awareness of the benefits of exercise on mental health.  To be honest the free t-shirt and snood in exchange for writing this blog was also a factor. As a run leader with Lets Run Girls (shameless plug, check us out here if you don’t know us) I considered myself quite fit. However the nearer we get to January the more it dawns on me this will be quite a challenge. So, as is always best for motivation, and in the spirit of RedJanuary, Keeva & I will do it together!

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