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April challenge!

On top of our day to day routines, we thought we’d take advantage of our new found ‘spare time’ and challenge eachother. We wanted this to be something that takes a bit of effort over time to achieve. So over the month of April we’re going to post a weekly blog to tell you a little about our progress …maybe even throw in a pic or video along the way!

Challenge Ruby!
In the course of the many athletic advantures Ruby & I get up to I finally discovered Ruby’s weak spots! She’s spent alot of time encouraging me with my running (…ie she runs ahead with the stick & I try to catch the carrot!), so I thought I’d return the favour and help her achieve a new goal (I’m nice like that!!).

After some netgotiations (Ruby said 10, I said 20…), I have challenged Ruby to be able to do 15 full body press ups in a row. Some may say ‘easy!’, but its a big switch from lower body workouts to upper body! So to help her out I will find some very useful tutorials for her to follow each week. To kick it off, heres the first tutorial to work on correct form.

Challenge Keeva!
Trying to find a challenge for Keeva is like trying to Challenge Anneka. Anything I could think of, I know she would easily complete within the designated time. Due to this, and the fact Keeva is far more motivated than I am to challenge herself, Keeva picked her own challenge for April. Although now I know she has picked push ups for me, I might be setting a 5 km goal time of 25 mins for the May challenge!

Pretty much the only thing Keeva struggled with in pole class was a press forearmstand (somewhere between a head and hand -stand! & no kicking into it allowed). So we shall see how she gets on without the pole for stability…

The idea behind this challenge is to be able to lift your legs in a controlled pike or straddle to full armstand & then lower down again. (Clearly Keeva’s challenges are on a different level to mine!) Again we will be drawing on the wisdom of Youtube for guidance. So the idea is to be able to do this eventually…

but maybe starting with a bit of the basics!…


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