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April Challenge Keeva! Week1

If you haven’t already read it, see our April challenge post where we set each other a task for the month!

Challenge Keeva! Press forearmstand
So this may seem like a bit of a random challenge, but headstands are one of those things that have haunted me since I was an ‘aspiring’ child gymnast, obviously the reason I never quite made the Olympics đŸ˜‰ I could always do headstands, even headsprings over a vault, but try a handstand & I fell over. So what better to challenge yourself to 30+ years later?!!

From a headstand I can do this challenge with little bother, lifting and lowering my legs with decent control and no kicking. But for some reason as soon as I go to arms or hands my brain stops talking to the rest of my body and the most I can do is kiss my knees – well blow them a kiss anyway! So I decided I had to start with the basics this week, getting stronger in my upper body & holding a forearm and handstand, preferably not just against a wall. And I’m so excited that last night I actually managed to properly hold a handstand!! I haven’t mastered any of this yet but being able to hold these freestanding for even just a few seconds is a big achievement for me, has only taken 30 odd years to get there, but hey, if I could talk to 8 year old me now!

The technical bit
I did a bit of research (ie. youtube tutorials!) and selected out some of the main things I needed to work on.

Arms shoulder width, pushing down into arms & pushing shoulders away (so not hunched up).
Engage the core (still struggling while upside down to get my brain to tell my core anything!)
Clench the butt, thighs etc & point the toes!

Repetition, repetition, repetition’ or ‘practice makes perfect’ …pick your mantra, its the only way to go!
Ten mins per day for 7 days, doing a mix of armstands & headstands (wrists can get sore with too many handstands!) against a wall holding the form. Gradually getting a little adventurous, lifting one leg off the wall, then two, then generally falling over most days! Definitely as the days went on I could go a little longer with each progression.

Working on the push side of things (as my goal is not to have to kick into position) I found a horribly hard workout and stole an exercise from it. Basically sitting on the floor, legs out straight, lifting legs & pulsing for as long as can keep going. Rest & repeat. Hopefully this pays off in coming weeks!

This challenge actually had perfect timing with another challenge going round, so Ruby being so nice forwarded it to me too…. well why not!


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