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The morning routine…

This is what happens when you try to exercise in my house, the hubby secretly films it while cooking his sausage breakfast & sends it to the family WhatsApp group!…

The hubbys contribution!

I guess there will be a few more moments like this to come! …he started it 😉

This week Tom from TK Total Fitness has been live streaming our normal workout sessions on Facebook to keep us all motivated. A little strange at first to be solo in my living room with Tom on the big screen, but actually the live broadcasts work pretty well. We all say hi at the start of the session so he knows whos joining in and even without being able to see you Tom seems to know the moment you’re waning and calls out your name in encouragement …don’t know why, but it helps!

The workout…

30 sec burpees / 30 sec rest (…or challenging number of burpees if you can’t manage 30 sec or want to go over it!)
Repeat x 6! …nice warm up lol

40 sec squat jumps / 20 sec rest
40 sec push ups / 20 sec rest
Repeat x 4

45 sec high knees / 15 sec rest
45 sec bent over reverse flies / 15 sec rest
Repeat x 4

50 sec split squats (weaker side) / 10 sec rest
50 sec split squats (other side) / 10 sec rest
Repeat x 4

And the bit we all love to hate…
– The Finisher –
40 sec shuffles / 20 sec rest (one foot forward, othe back & jump to switch legs ….then keep on jumping!)
40 sec lateral shuffles / 20 sec rest (step to side x2 & reach inside hand down to touch outside foot, repeat other direction) – or if you have a band, stick it round your knees & walk like a crab!
Repeat x 4!

So this is a little different from our usual workout as normally there would be weights & bands etc to use. To my surprise I still REALLY felt the body weight only workout the next day! To mix it up a little, Toms also going to start some group challenges! He’s running a free 1 week challenge if you want to give it a go, just join the facebook group here, starts Monday 6th April!

For those that like their gadgets, Tom also introduced MyZone to the classes a few months back which I’m finding even more useful now. Its essentially a heart rate monitor connected to an app which gives real time feed back during training sessions. You get MEPs (MyZone Effort Points) according to your exercise effort which accumulate over the course of a month, with the aim of reaching a minimum of the WHOs recommended physical activity level. The app also lets you connect with other MyZone users …I’ve fed back my improvement suggestions on that part of their app!

So for smart watch users you’ll have a good idea of how this works. Personalised heart rate zones are set up, initially based on age but then adapts to your heart rate data the more you use it …so the fitter you get the more you have to work essentially!! The added bonus here is the visual (especially when I’m too shattered to think!). Its really simple, the big grey box in the app picture below changes colour to give you a real time visual of the HR zone you’re in. I’m not overly competitive so if I’m feeling tired I will happily dial it down a notch, but when I’m on the verge of getting into another zone, well hello!

MyZone HR monitor
MyZone phone app – Grey box changes colour with zones & can choose to display HR, %effort, calories or MEPs as the main central number
My personalised HR zones after a few months of using it
One of this weeks workouts …#tryharder!

Lessons learnt from first week home workouts…
1 ) smell of sausages cooking does not go with exercising!
2) no spectators allowed! join in or get out 🙂


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