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Ruby’s Day 26/31

I don’t normally volunteer to go to classes. Copying an Instructor without falling over or crashing into someone is difficult. Add in some music and weights and there is potential for disaster. 

I was slightly concerned by the amount of equipment people were gathering when I arrived. Despite doing red January I don’t seem to have gained any strength so the prospect of using the weights didn’t fill me with joy. 

Thankfully I had Rebecca with me to tell me which weights to use at each stage and give me a quick run through of the moves before the class started. I would have been fairly lost without her. 

The class involves a sequence of different exercises to music with various weights. I managed to just about keep up with most of the moves but there isn’t a lot of down time to work out which weights you need, or if you need the step, or the bar, or the mat…. 

Even though it combined things I don’t like; exercise classes and weights, I did enjoy myself.  I made it through the class without hurting anyone. I’d call that a success.


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