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Ruby’s Day 25/31

For day 25 we went to a Ceilidh. After working out how to pronounce Ceilidh, we just had to master the actual dancing. 

I’ve got to admit, when we turned up and saw people in Kilts I thought we were in real trouble as I am not a good dancer. I’m happy to shuffle around a club in the dark but organized dancing in a well lit room isn’t something I love.  Luckily turns out the people in Kilts were professional Scottish dancers.

The majority of the other attendees had a similar level of dancing ability to us. All the enthusiasm but not a lot of skills. 

The dancing itself was brilliant fun. There was a caller who helpfully shouted out “forwards” “backwards” “left for four” Etc. Which is great as long as you know your lefts and rights. 

In order to “help” my dancing my boyfriend started counting the beats and regularly shouting “Copy the people in Kilts” . I thought I was. Clearly not. 

 I was exhausted at the end as the longer your dancing the quicker the music gets! The Band were awesome. Their facebook is Arm in Arm Ceilidh band: – check them out they also have a video of the “Addressing the Haggis”

The Event was in aid of Myeloma Uk to find out more about the work they do here is a link:


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