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My name is Ruby and I am doing REdJanury in association with mind.  

Throughout January I will try as many different activities as I can and will blog about it here and for the lovely folks at Lets Get moving Cambridge. For inspiration I looked at other sports blogs. I saw lots of pictures of smiling people in sports bras. This will not be that kind of blog. Anyone who has seen me run with a hangover on Saturday mornings can tell you it’s more incoherent mumbling and shuffling than bouncing and smiling!

One of the reasons I signed up for RED January is I work and study at the same time which can be quite stressful. To distract myself from the impending doom of assignments it seemed a fitting challenge to sign up and raise awareness of the benefits of exercise on mental health.  To be honest the free t-shirt and snood in exchange for writing this blog was also a factor. As a run leader with Lets Run Girls (shameless plug, check us out here if you don’t know us) I considered myself quite fit. However the nearer we get to January the more it dawns on me this will be quite a challenge. So, as is always best for motivation, and in the spirit of RedJanuary, Keeva & I will do it together!


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