Ruby & Keeva Day 14/31 Trampolining looks effortless when we’re standing watching the young pros at Cambridge Cangaroos, so when it’s our turn it’s really surprising how short stints can leave you really out of breath. With the whole body trying to work in sync for each move (or even just to bounce up &Continue reading “Cangaroos….”

Pole Dancing

Ruby and Keeva Day 12/31 I spent all day writing a finance assignment so today’s activity was a pleasant change of pace.  One of Great Shelford’s best kept secrets is Bodywork Therapy. It is a small studio that offers beginners pole programs and also more advanced sessions for those who know what they are doing. Continue reading “Pole Dancing”

It’s Raining It’s Pouring …

Ruby & Keeva Day 9/31 That moment where you realise the half marathon is fast approaching and there isn’t enough miles in the legs yet… Why do we sign up for these things?! It always seems like a great idea until you are trudging around in the wind and rain.  At least we looked greatContinue reading “It’s Raining It’s Pouring …”

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