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Campus life

My lack of lunch time on Tuesday meant I didn’t get the chance to try out the new Trim Track on campus, so today my own personal Mr MO-tivator and I went for a quick run around. A Trim Track turns out to be basically an obstacle course! Its set up as a long windingContinue reading “Campus life”


Run! Run! As fast as you can..

Ruby and Keeva’s Day 22/31 Day 22.  Weather: Rain  Calories consumed after running: Several hundred  Stravas Opinion: This was harder than your usual effort.  Keevas thoughts: Same as Strava  Another delightfully rainy evening run. This time we reached our goal distance of 9 miles. Having made the statement before running “I won’t be very quickContinue reading “Run! Run! As fast as you can..”

youtube Pilates

Ruby and Keeva Day 21/30 When its one of those days for everyone…. Ruby: When you are arguing with a man at 9.30pm that you should still be allowed to use the hotel gym, you know your day has not gone to plan. The sign clearly stated “gym open until 10pm”. My assurance that 20mins wouldContinue reading “youtube Pilates”

Baby Shark

Ruby & Keeva’s Day 19/31 Day 19.  Alcohol units consumed last night: Lots  Words written for essay: Zero  Keeva’s quote for today’s RED: OUCH  Today’s exercise was the Babyshark Abs challenge. It was torture set to childrens music. Bad children’s music. I will fall asleep to Baby Shark reverberating around my brain. If you areContinue reading “Baby Shark”