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Rebecca on Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks PE Class

Given all the recent hype around Joe Wick’s PE workouts, I thought I’d give one a try. After all, they’re for kids, so they should be easy right??

Turns out, wrong. It was actually surprisingly tough. Half an hour later and I actually felt like I’d had a really good workout – certainly comparable to any workout not designed for children. Though I have to admit I was very glad there was no-one around to watch me prancing round my living room pretending to be a bunny, or jumping to reach for shooting stars! (Especially as I did it with some enthusiasm – I claim it was to make the most out of the workout, but actually it was surprisingly fun to pretend to be a kid again)

Here is link from todays class …

After the half an hour was up, I was ready to call it a day when I noticed in the bar of ‘suggested videos’ on YouTube there were some more Joe Wicks workouts. Which included one that was only fifteen minutes long, and seemed to have been shot in the Californian sunshine, topless. Solely in the interests of providing the highest quality feedback on his online workouts (obviously), I decided that a sample size of one wasn’t good enough, and so I should probably try this one too. Just for information purposes here is Joe Wicks topless…

I can confirm that one was just as tough as the one for kids, but included fewer bunny ears and more tanned abs. So I guess the choice is yours on what you’d prefer.

Overall conclusion: adding bunny ears to squat jumps should be mandatory in all gym classes.


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