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Its been a long week…

I’m sure everyone’s been a bit topsy turvy over the last week or so. We started trialling working from home a week ago – just had to check what day it was, that’s how its going! 🙂

I have a lot of new found respect for people that work from home. I fell out of routine pretty much immediately. Like, why bother getting up at 6 am to exercise, no traffic, no getting properly dressed (might put a jumper over my PJs for the morning meeting!). I can roll out of bed later and do something ….which of course didn’t happen! And when you don’t have to get up super early, well then, 1 more episode of whatever crap you’re binge watching on Netflix it is! (*other providers do exist, & I have indulged …including Disney+ just in case!!)

Also, snacks! I am essentially working in the kitchen, every time I stand up I end up looking in the fridge or cupboard. My only saving grace is its lent, and if I wasn’t full of catholic guilt before, by God we’re getting it with this one! …or maybe its divine intervention preventing a chocolate crisis to rival the loo roll!

So by last Wednesday I was definitely on way to becoming a couch potato! It was time to restore order with vengeance! In lieu of some missed classes earlier in the week & under varying social distancing requirements as the week progressed, I got my butt off the chair & started doing something! Here’s my round up!

After trying out a class for RedJanuary, Ruby & I decided to do a full course of Pole fit …& fit I am! Mirfit does thheee best & toughest warm up I think I’ve ever done, but I love the challenge! My legs may be a bit black & blue at times but the 6 pack is coming on nicely! and I just love watching the ladies that have been doing it for a while, the muscle control they have is spectacular! Unfortunately that will be the last time in a class for a bit, so instead I will be finding non-pole challenges to help me improve my moves!

The class got me started. Next up, a couple of social distancing runs …I have more problem trying to keep up than keeping 2 m between us! #RubygetsmePBs!

…a little social distancing cycle

…and then it was Monday again and time for a few recovery miles / snacking from home non eating break!

So, week one down and conquered, bring on the next!


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