Cambridge half marathon 2020

We might have mentioned it in January, today we did it! Cambridge half 2020 ✅

January was a busy month with lots of different activities, February was about getting the miles in (post skiing!) before the half. It was tough going this year, we both weren’t feeling on form in the lead up, but it was worth the effort!

This year there was a change of route which meant the first 5 and last 3 miles had us running in through the stunning grounds of Cambridge city centre & colleges. As if the scenery wasn’t enough, the streets were lined with fabulous people out to cheer everyone on. A loop in the middle through Grantchester where supporters lined the streets with oranges & jelly babies completed the 13.1miles!

For anyone who wants an honest account of what running a half can feel like this is Ruby’s post half report:

Night before half marathon: Don’t want to run. I don’t like running. Why have I signed up for this?
Morning of the half in the toilet queue (for about 4th paranoid trip that morning): I still don’t like running. But I’m here now so might as well drag myself round.
Start line: Yay all my friends are here, and I love running! What a beautiful day to go for a run!
Miles 1-5: Feeling good. How exciting with all the people cheering! What a great atmosphere.
Mile 5 ish: Wow look at all those real athletes running back on their final stage. I wish I was nearly finished too….  
Mile 6: I’ve set out too fast; I will just see how long I can keep it up. (Not very long as it turns out).
Miles 7: better slow down so I don’t have to crawl the final mile. I’m still in control, I’m adjusting pace, this is fine. It’s just a normal run. Totally fine. Can still do this in a reasonable time.  
Mile 8: I’m too hot.
Mile 9: I’m too hot and I’m thirsty.
Mile 10: Do I need a wee? Maybe ….
Mile 10 and a bit: I need to sit down. Now. This was a terrible idea.
Mile 11: I hate running. I hate everyone that has already finished. Even people cheering are starting to annoy me.  Stop telling me its “only” 2 miles left.
Mile 11 and a bit: Yum, Jelly babies. Wait…  How do I eat this and run without chocking?!  Those children are trying to sabotage my race! What if I choke and die? How far am I from an ambulance? How far is the finish?
Mile 12: Surely my watch is wrong. I must have done 15 miles by now.
Mile 12 and a bit: The finish is in sight! Final sprint?! Nope… ok it’s going to have to be a steady jog.

I second what Ruby said, probably with a few more Whys?? thrown in! I’ve got to thank all the people along the route for their entertaining distractions! Including the lady hanging out her car window cheering & beeping the horn in great humour while she was stuck waiting for us to pass. The kids with the ‘hit here to power up’ posters around mile 6/7, all power boosts were graciously accepted! The guy playing drums on the lamppost, every distraction helps! And the owner of the poster ‘hands up if you peed your pants just a little’, at which stage anything that could bring on a giggle was appreciated! 🤣 And of course all the fabulous volunteers along the route!

Post half marathon we both went through the same process, as many do!…
Immediately after: that felt horrible, hated it
Few minutes later (endorphins time!): wow so glad I did it, everyones done so well! + 5 mins spent giving kudos to fellow runners on strava!
Half hour of so later: Food!!!
Back home after: email arrives in inbox with early registration for next next – sure why not!!

It takes so much effort to organise a half marathon. This year the organisers & volunteers did an amazing job, what a fab setup! Even brought the sun out ….with the occasional gust of wind!! Offical Cambridge half marathon 2020 video footage

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