Clip n climb

Clip ‘n Climb on a Friday night, sure why not! We both have tried this once before at a ThisGirlCan event and it was a fun alternative to the usual climbing wall.

It’s pretty straight forward, all in the name really as our lovely instructor informed us during the safety brief. You just clip in and climb! Quite a neat system, they use auto belays so you don’t need someone with you. The belay hooks onto a mat at the bottom – when the mats pulled up against the wall the climb is free to clip in to, when the mats on the ground watch out from above!

Love this ice pick style wall on the left

There’s lots of different walls each requiring slightly different techniques, so a great way to learn different hand and foot positions. Each wall has a set of challenges, 3 levels of difficulty from ‘just get up’ to only use a particular colour or type of grip.

The highest difficulty on the Tetris like wall was to climb with your eyes closed, an interesting experience!

The middle one is still my nemesis, that last foot every time, where there’s nothing much to grip and your fingers fail you!

There’s also some other challenges like the timed walls – which you can also race side by side on!

The stairway to heaven… this is a test of balance!

Stairway to Heaven

And the vertical drop ……. When I first looked at this I really didn’t think it posed much of a challenge. I donned my slippery suit and safety helmet and climbed into position. How wrong I was! First your arms gradually get stretched as it pulls you up and the full weight of your body hangs in your hands. As it gets higher you’re holding on for dear life as you realise the floor beneath has disappeared and you’re now hanging vertically. Then in a complete turn of events you have to actually convince yourself to let go! I definitely think there should be a leader board for the loudest squeal on the way down, what a thrill!

I wore my heart rate monitor during the session just to see how it compared to other activities. Think you can tell when I was on a wall! 😂

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